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Your Big Sister’s (Record) Rack

Posted in Lost Classics! with tags , , , on August 29, 2009 by 30daysout


In the movie Almost Famous, the main character William is a teenager who inherits his rebellious sister’s record collection around 1970.  You know what happens: he listens and the music he hears helps to shape his world, his future and his career.  What a sister – she was played by Zooey Deschanel, after all – she left her brother some really primo stuff.

But that’s the movies.  What did your big sister, or big brother, have in their bedrooms back when you were a kid?  (Uh, I mean music.)  Thank god I didn’t have big brother or sister (I was the oldest; I was that dude, man) but I suspect that elder sibling’s record collection wasn’t as quality as William’s sister’s stack.  She had the Who’s Tommy along with the Beach Boys’ Pet Sounds, Dylan’s Blonde on Blonde, some Stones, some Joni Mitchell, Neil Young, Hendrix’s Axis: Bold As Love … and the Mothers of Invention!

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