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Bad Career Moves, Part 4

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Ashlee Simpson made an ass of herself on "Saturday Night Live"

This is just too painful.  Remember Ashlee Simpson trying to lip-synch a song on “Saturday Night Live”?  In 2004 she appeared as a musical guest and performed one song without incident but during her second spot the pre-recorded vocals for the first song came over the PA while her band kept playing.  Caught red-handed, Simpson did an idiotic jig then ran off the stage.  Ass.

Milli Vanilli.  These guys took lip-synching beyond Ashlee Simpson … not only did they lip-synch every song they ever did – somebody else actually did the singing.  Fab and Rob also got caught red-handed on MTV but a little investigation found they never sang on any of their records.  Ass.  And, ass.  Milli Vanilli broke up when Rob died in 1998.

YouTube: Milli Vanilli not singing “Blame It On The Rain”

The Beach Boys were pretty great most of the time, and they sucked pretty much whenever they let Mike Love run the show.  But one of their worst WTF? moments came during the disco era, in 1979, and it wasn’t Mike’s fault.   Not to be outdone by K.C. and the Sunshine Band, the Beach Boys put out a discofied version of a Brian Wilson/Mike Love song “Here Comes The Night,” which originally appeared on 1967’s Wild Honey.  The album version of this momma clocks in at 10 minutes and 51 seconds – even longer than the 12-incher!  And you can’t blame Mike Love: this disco disaster was masterminded and produced by Bruce Johnston.

MP3: “Here Comes The Night” (12-inch version) by the Beach Boys

Bob Dylan has had his share of nightmares and misfires.  Remember Self Portrait?  He later tried to pass that one off as a joke, and it’s probably as close as we came to getting a joke from Dylan in the 1970s.  But along came 1990, and Under The Red Sky.  When it came out the album had listeners scratching their heads at titles like “Wiggle Wiggle” and “Handy Dandy.”  Shortly after its release even Dylan ragged the album, blaming his half-assed recording technique – it didn’t work for Paul McCartney, either.  Although Under The Red Sky had a lot of guests, including George Harrison, Slash, Elton John, Jimmie and Stevie Ray Vaughan, Al Kooper and others, it didn’t sell very well and Bob’s wife divorced him.

MP3: “Wiggle Wiggle” by Bob Dylan

The all-time bad career move was made by Billy Squier.  You know it’s coming … “Rock Me Tonite.”  What in hell was he thinking?  Or snorting?