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The Demon vs. … My Mom

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In the late 1970s I worked as an entertainment reporter and columnist for a small Southeast Texas daily newspaper.  The Port Arthur News was close enough to Houston, Beaumont and Lake Charles (cities with venues that could host major concerts) that promoters and record labels often sought us out to help promote an upcoming concert.

We had this executive editor, a family man and apparently a heavy dude in his church, who called me into his office one day.  He said: “Kiss is coming to play in Beaumont.  Many people in my church are upset, and we’re thinking about protesting.  I think you should go and cover the concert.”  Nice coincidence, because covering concerts just happened to be my job.  And I wanted to go because I thought Kiss pretty much rocked.

Then the editor sat back in his chair and pursed his lips.  He was a really tall, thin guy with a curly perm (late 1970s, remember?) and he was a ridiculous-looking dumbass anyway.   “And you know what the name Kiss stands for, right?” he said proudly.  “Knights In Satan’s Service.”  Wow, I thought, that REALLY rocks.  “OK Harry, I’ll get on it.”

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30 Days Out (From Christmas): Holiday Clearance!

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Day 25 – Only four shopping days left till Christmas, and we’re huffing into the homestretch of our holiday music marathon.  Today we’ll pick up some of the leftovers that have been left on the cutting room floor.  You got a little of everything: some WTF? (Tiny Tim), something new (Hives, Sheryl Crow) some rock and roll (Gary Glitter), Zappa, Belafonte and a full Christmas episode of Jack Webb’s “Dragnet” radio show from the 1950s.  My advice to you is to make like the couple in the photo above – pop a few bottlecaps (of Schlitz? … That woman looks a little drunk) and cue up the tunes.   Thanks and a big “Merry Xmas” to L.A. correspondent and radio personality Randy Fuller, who shared some of his library for this ill-advised project.

MP3: “Peace” by Norah Jones

MP3: “Another Rock and Roll Christmas” by Gary Glitter


Captain Kangaroo

MP3: “Merry Christmas Baby” by Sheryl Crow

MP3: “The Littlest Snowman” by Captain Kangaroo

MP3: “Santa Claus Has Got The AIDS” by Tiny Tim

MP3: “Sleigh Ride” from A Star Wars Christmas

MP3: “A Christmas Duel” by the Hives with Cyndi Lauper

MP3: Gene Simmons Holiday Message   

MP3: “Trim Your Tree” by Jimmy Butler 

MP3: “Santa Claus Is Freaking Me Out” by Lord Weatherby

MP3: “Feliz Navidad” by the Zydeco Playboys

MP3: “Poor Mr. Santa” by Andre Williams

MP3: “Jingle Polka” by Thurl Ravenscroft with Marie Vernon & the Mellomen

MP3: “Overture To A Holiday” by Frank Zappadragnet-xmas-story-a

MP3: “The Christmas Story”  radio episode of “Dragnet” Part 1

MP3: “The Christmas Story” radio episode of “Dragnet” Part 2

MP3: “Mary’s Boy Child” by Harry Belafonte

MP3: Brian Wilson Holiday Announcement

MP3: “Silent Night” by Brian Wilson

(Almost) 30 Years Out: Kiss!

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Photo by Art Meripol.  Check out his great photo blog here.

Way back in 1975, somebody told me about this crankin’ rock band that wore weird makeup and devil costumes.  “Oh but they can reeeeallly play,” said this dude.   He was trying to reassure me that I wasn’t making a mistake by going to see this band Kiss.

So I went, and Kiss were a bit much for good old McDonald Gymnasium at Lamar University.  For one thing, they had a big ass sign behind the drum riser that said “KISS” and when the monstrosity was fully lit it blinded everyone in the audience and totally white-d out my photos.  I was kinda broke so I only had one roll of film … here is my only good photo, this shot of Ace Frehley and his smokin’ guitar.

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