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Friday Is Boss’ Day: Covering Springsteen Part 2

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Today’s post has been compiled by our L.A. correspondent Randy Fuller, who has been a Springsteen fan since the 1970s.

Bruce Springsteen is a great rocker because he can create music that appeals to many people without compromising the clarity of his vision.  Very few songwriters over the years have been able to consistently accomplish this – Dylan is the first that springs to mind.  Because Springsteen’s songs are so durable, they can withstand being covered by artists from all genres.

Johnny Cash or Yo La Tengo can turn in as valid an interpretation as Pearl Jam or Steve Earle.  With Springsteen, it’s all good. 

MP3: “No Surrender” by Pearl Jam

MP3: “Independence Day” by the Waterboys

MP3: “Adam Raised A Cain” by Patterson Hood

MP3: “Atlantic City” by Hank Williams III

MP3: “The River” by Josh Ritter

MP3: “Born In The USA” by Ballboy

MP3: “Thunder Road” by Badly Drawn Boy

MP3: “Mansion On The Hill” by David Gray

MP3: “Hungry Heart” by Yo La Tengo

MP3: “Highway Patrolman” by Johnny Cash

MP3: “State Trooper” by Steve Earle