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Musicians Band Together For (A Couple) Good Causes

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If you’re in the Austin or Houston area, here are a couple worthy events to keep on your radar screen.

Chris Gray Day – Saturday, Jan. 14, Continental Club complex, 3701 Main, 10 a.m.- 2 a.m. Almost 100 acts will perform to help defray medical bills for Chris Gray, a well-known music writer for the Houston Press who had a serious heart attack last year.

You can see a complete schedule of performers here; notable acts include Umbrella Man, Little Joe Washington, Buxton and native son Hayes Carll. Our own house band, Orange Is In, also has a slot just before Paula Nelson (take a guess who her dad is).

You can purchase tickets or make a donation at this Houston Press website . Organizers have created an event blog that is being updated with the latest news on the benefit. Go there and check out some of the awesome stuff they will be selling and/or auctioning off to help the cause.

YouTube: Hayes Carll “KMAG YOYO”

YouTube: Orange Is In “Time Is My Enemy”

YouTube: Little Joe Washington at the West Alabama Ice House, Houston

Esme Barrera benefits – This weekend and Jan. 28, Austin. Esme Barrera, a 29-year-old music fan, teacher and community activist, was murdered in her Austin home New Year’s Eve or in the early hours of Jan 1. Many Austin-area acts are banding together to raise funds for her family this weekend and at other events later this month.

Follow That Bird, Love Collector, The Dead Space, Foreign Mothers, Kingdom Of Suicide Lovers, Neighbor, Ichi Ni San Shi and Eric Static will play a benefit for the family of Esme Barrera at the Scoot Inn on Thursday, Jan. 12 from 7 p.m-2 a.m. Cover is $5-10, with all proceeds going to Barrera’s family. More info here.

Other benefits taking place include a Jan. 28 show at Beerland with Ted Leo, the Crack Pipes, the Golden Boys and Grape St. and a New York show with Kelli Scarr, Golden Ghost, Jo Schornikow and Shannon Barnett. A compilation of local and national bands is also in the works.

The Austin Chronicle has up-to-date information about the many Esme Barrera memorials and benefits. The Austinist blog also has information about a benefit in Los Angeles. Austin police are still seeking information about Barrera’s murder; let ’em know if you have something.

Video Du Jour: Sideshow Tramps

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You gotta hear this band from Houston, Texas: the Sideshow Tramps. Made up of some of city’s finest musicians, the band raises a raucous good time any place they set up. If you’ve only heard about Texas music but never really heard any, the Sideshow Tramps will be your wildest dream – and more.

As the band’s press release says: “The Sideshow Tramps exist for those who wish that the Sex Pistols, AC/DC and Led Zeppelin had formed a band together with Bob Dylan and Tom Waits.” I saw them open last year for the Texas Tornados, and they pretty much torched the stage.

If you’re in Austin around New Year’s Eve, you can catch ’em at La Zona Rosa with Shovels and Ropes (from North Carolina) and headliner Hayes Carll.

YouTube: “Lady Vodka” by the Sideshow Tramps

Sideshow Tramps official website (where you can get a free download)

Deep South: Lone Star Beer

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You know how we love our Lone Star Beer around these parts – not really, but it somehow feels like you are not a true Texan if you don’t pop the top on a Lone Star every once in a while.

When I was in college, Lone Star was notoriously one of the “bitter” beers (Texans used to call it “horse piss in a can’) but now it’s not so bad. At least it compares respectably to your other “premium” beers … like, ah, Busch, Keystone and Miller High Life.

OK, so Lone Star is cheap beer. But it has become so ingrained into the Texas mythology that Lone Star is frequently sung about, and bartenders will be happy to slide a cold longneck into your palm any time you want.

If you can, grab a six pack of Lone Star for your next barbecue. Then watch as some lucky person plunges a their hand into the ice and comes up with a cold, dripping Lone Star – and a big Texas smile. Oh brother.

Here are some Texas drinkin’ songs; the ones marked with an asterisk contain “Lone Star Beer” in the lyrics, naturally.

MP3: “Lone Star Beer Commercial” by Two Tons of Steel *

MP3: “What I Like About Texas” by Jerry Jeff Walker *

MP3: “I Gotta Get Drunk” by Willie Nelson

MP3: “West Texas Holiday” by Pat Green *

MP3: “They Ain’t Makin’ Jews Like Jesus Anymore” by Kinky Friedman *

MP3: “Bad Liver and a Broken Heart” by Hayes Carll

MP3: “Bob Wills Music and Lone Star Beer” by Red Steagall *

MP3: “Drinkin’ For Two” by the Hollisters

MP3: “Outlaws and Lone Star Beer” by C.W. McCall *

MP3: “En El Cielo No Hay Cerveza” by Flaco Jiménez

MP3: “Lone Star Beer” by J.W.W. and the Prospectors *

MP3: “Goin Back To Texas” by Ed Burleson *

MP3: “Bar Exam” by the Derailers

MP3: “Up Against The Wall Red Neck” by Jerry Jeff Walker *

Live: Ray Wylie Hubbard, Houston

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Ray Wylie Hubbard

Texas has a boxcar full of “legendary” singer/songwriters, and folks in other parts of the country may have heard of some of them.  Ray Wylie Hubbard has been around for a while, he’s kind of an elder statesman of the Lone Star singer/songwriter contingent.  Saturday he offered a great little in-store performance at Houston’s Cactus Music and Video to showcase his latest album, A. Enlightenment B. Endarkenment (Hint: There Is No C).

“The world’s worst album title,” he cracked, as he launched intoDrunken Poet’s Dream” from the new album.  The song, co-written with Houston singer/songwriter Hayes Carll, talks about a woman who likes “being naked and gazed upon,” before it flips down the list of writer’s “inspirations” that make for great literature (and shot livers).

Ray explained that he originally started making the album with Gurf Morlix, but Morlix had another commitment and told Hubbard to produce it himself.  Hubbard enlisted the help of Texas musician/producer George Reiff, and finished the album.   Just when Hubbard thought it was done, Reiff said “You know what this album needs?”  “Don’t tell me, it’s done, I don’t want to hear it,” Hubbard said.  “It needs a rock anthem.”

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Dog Days, Beer Days

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I always hate that dead period in American sports – the weeks between the Super Bowl and the beginning of baseball season.  There’s always basketball, but the local team is the Rockets – well, you see my point.

Oh, there are plenty of things to distract us until the first week of April: down here we have the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo, various Mardi Gras celebrations, South by Southwest over in Austin and this year only, the big ol’ Wrestlemania 25 event in Reliant Stadium.  (By the way, the publicist for rockers AC/DC says they are NOT coming to Wrestlemania after all.  Bummer.)

So while all this stuff is goin’ on, we here in Texas have ample opportunity to enjoy our fine native beers.  Lone Star Beer, a perennial, I’ve written about before.  Today I want to offer some thoughts on my favorite, Shiner Bock.  Shiner is a little town located between Houston and Austin, in a region of Texas inhabited by many descendants of German immigrants.  For about 100 years they’ve brewed some mighty fine beer over in Shiner and this year they are celebrating their centennial with a new brew.

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