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Ronnie James Dio, R.I.P.

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Heavy metal superstar Ronnie James Dio has died, according to a statement from his wife Wendy.  Dio, 67, was being treated at Houston’s M.D. Anderson Cancer Center for stomach cancer.  He is of course the lead vocalist for Black Sabbath (replacing Ozzy Osbourne), and the bands Heaven and Hell, Richie Blackmore’s Rainbow and his own group Dio.  He is also credited with inventing the “devil horns” hand sign.  Throw some horns tonight, and remember the great Ronnie James Dio.

Ronnie James Dio official website

MP3: “Catch The Rainbow” by Rainbow

MP3: “Heaven and Hell” by Black Sabbath

MP3: “Time Machine” by Black Sabbath

MP3: “Rainbow In The Dark” by Dio

MP3: “Holy Diver” (live) by Dio

MP3: “The Devil Cried” by Black Sabbath

MP3: “Follow The Tears” by Heaven and Hell

MP3: “Still I’m Sad” by Rainbow

Leave your condolences on Dio’s Facebook page

Song of the Week: Heaven and Hell

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Not the song “Heaven and Hell” by Black Sabbath, it’s the group Heaven and Hell that USED to be Black Sabbath.  They’re performing “Follow The Tears,” from their album The Devil You Know from last year.  This band has more casualties than a MASH unit: singer Ronnie James Dio was diagnosed with the early stages of stomach cancer in November, while the band’s guitarist Tony Iommi recently underwent stem-cell treatment on an injured hand and drummer Vinny Appice had surgery on a shoulder.

Send a “Beast Wishes” get-well card to Ronnie James Dio

Heaven and Hell official website

Sabbath Smackdown: Ozzy vs. Iommi

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Black Sabbath, back in the day

Ozzy Osbourne is suing one-time bandmate Tony Iommi over the use of the name “Black Sabbath.”  Osbourne contends he should share in any proceeds over the name of the band, which was founded by Iommi.  Ozzy was kicked out of Sabbath in 1979, and Iommi is the only member to stay with the band during its entire 41-year history.

Ironically, when Ozzy was ousted it was then-manager Sharon Arden who helped keep Sabbath afloat by recruiting singer Ronnie James Dio to take Ozzy’s place.  Sharon, of course, became Ozzy’s wife and Dio still sings with the current version of Sabbath, now called Heaven and Hell.   You can read more about the lawsuit at Ozzy’s website.  And here is our review of the latest album from Heaven and Hell.

For a little metal fun, let’s pit the Ozzy version of Black Sabbath against the Dio version: “Iron Man,” from the 1998 Reunion album, against “The Devil Cried,” from Heaven and Hell’s live album from 2007.

MP3: “Iron Man” (live) by Black Sabbath

MP3: “The Devil Cried” (live) by Heaven and Hell

Ozzy Osbourne official website

Heaven and Hell official website

Tony Iommi official website

“The Devil You Know,” by Heaven and Hell

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For my heavy metal money, Black Sabbath were there first and they still are among the best practitioners of the form.  Ozzy Osbourne is long gone, and the group is thriving with lead singer Ronnie James Dio under the moniker Heaven and Hell.  The Devil You Know is the first studio album under the Heaven and Hell name (to differentiate from the band led by Ozzy) and guess what – it’s ominous, plodding, and occasionally rocking.

Guitarist Tony Iommi and bass player Geezer Butler snap into wicked grooves or slow it down to a dinosaur pace (think brontosaurus trudging through ten miles of mud) while the voice of the 67-year-old Dio rides over the top of it all.  I actually listened to the lyrics: mostly they tell of some experience with a sometimes-real, sometimes-metaphorical devil, but are sufficiently murky enough not to alienate God-fearing headbangers as well as devout demon worshipers.

Who really listens to this shit for the lyrics, anyway?  The Devil You Know is marred a bit by a sluggish first half, but Iommi’s guitar atmospherics and Dio’s old lady choirmaster quiver save the day.  All hail Black Sabbath!  And Heaven and Hell too!

MP3: “Follow The Tears”

Heaven and Hell official website (stream entire album free)

New Stuff!

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bigwhiskeygroogruxking1               hh

Hey, that’s pretty funny – Dave Matthews Band and Black Sabbath together!  Ahem.  OK, we got some new stuff from various sources and without making any value judgements, thought we’d present to you (for a limited time only!). UPDATE: Sorry, time’s up – links removed.

The Dave Matthews Band has Big Whiskey and the Groogrux King coming out on June 2.  The album is named after and dedicated to band member Leroi Moore, who died last August.

MP3: “Funny How It Is” by the Dave Matthews Band

Heaven and Hell is the perfectly legal name for the band formerly known as Black Sabbath, led by the perfectly venerable Ronnie James Dio.  Their newest, The Devil You Know, comes out April 28 and the first single is titled, appropriately, “Bible Black.”

MP3: “Bible Black” by Heaven and Hell

No need to further introduce Bob Dylan – his 46th album is titled Together Through Life, and “Beyond Here Lies Nothin’ ” is the first single.  Check out that cool guitar solo from Mike Campbell (Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers).  This is an unusual Dylan album in that all of the songs here were co-written: Grateful Dead lyricist Robert Hunter collaborated on the words for nine of the 10 songs while “My Wife’s Home Town” co-credits long-dead bluesman Willie Dixon.  Y0u can read more about that here.

MP3: “Beyond Here Lies Nothin’ ” by Bob Dylan

Death Cab For Cutie has a new EP, The Open Door, out now.   It includes five tracks, with four previously unreleased songs and a demo version of “Talking Bird” from the 2008 studio album Narrow Stairs.

MP3: “My Mirror Speaks (EP version)” by Death Cab For Cutie

Fastball is an Austin-based unit that had a hit a long time ago with “The Way.”  Miles Zuniga and Co. are back, with the new album Little White Lies, out now.  The title track is a good sample of their catchy power pop.

MP3: “Little White Lies” by Fastball

Sonic Youth just joined Matador Records, and the new album The Eternal is coming June 9.  “Sacred Trickster” is a Kim Gordon tune that’s the leadoff song and first single.

MP3: “Sacred Trickster” by Sonic Youth

Review: Masters of Metal, Houston

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It was a beautifully metal moment: at the same moment guitar god Tony Iommi begins his bone-chilling solo in the song “Time Machine,” a bolt of lightning slashes across the sky above the Cynthia Woods Mitchell Pavilion.  The Masters of Metal tour rolled through Houston Saturday night (Aug. 23) and despite this impromptu effect, most of the pyrotechnics were on the stage.

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Odds and Ends

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Today we catch up with all the junk cluttering our in-box.  First, a couple of reissues: Blondie‘s Parallel Lines 30th anniversary set, and War from U2.  Blondie was one of the first American punk bands to make an impact at New York’s club CBGB, and they were probably the first to top the charts.  When Parallel Lines came out in 1978, Blondie was a slightly different band with a few more musicians but the spotlight remained on lead singer Deborah Harry.  And rightly so – Harry was an ultra-hot ex-model who put a beautiful face and a not-bad voice on these polished not-so-punk tunes.  “Heart Of Glass,” with its thumping disco beat, hit No. 1 on the charts.  And rockers “Hanging On The Telephone” and “One Way Or Another” were worthy follow-ups.  Anyhow, the 30th anniversary reissue of Parallel Lines includes extra oddities like a French-language version of “Sunday Girl” and remixes of some of the other songs on the album.  Oddly, they didn’t include the original (non-disco) version of “Heart Of Glass,” which appeared on previous CD reissues of the album.  Toss in a DVD of videos and you have a so-so package.  Unless you don’t already own the album that kicked off American New Wave, you can pass this one up.

MP3: “One Way Or Another” by Blondie

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