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Live: Los Lonely Boys, Houston

Posted in Rock Moment with tags , , , on November 29, 2010 by 30daysout

I can’t think of a better way to kick off the holidays than with some live music, and Saturday’s casual in-store performance by Los Lonely Boys at Houston’s Cactus Music and Record Ranch fit the bill.  LLB, from San Angelo, have been kicking around since 1997 with a smooth blend of Tejano, country and soul, all topped with some fiery guitar work from elder brother Henry Garza.  When they hit the little stage on Saturday, the (free) beer from St. Arnold Brewing Company was flowing and so was the good will.

The Garza brothers, including Jojo on second acoustic guitar and vocals (he plays bass in a more conventional concert setting) and Ringo (drums) on shaker, welcomed the crowd like family and kicked with “Oye Mamacita” and “Crazy Dream.”  The strong suit here is the Boys’ harmony, showcased to perfection on a cover of the Beatles’ “She Came In Through The Bathroom Window.”   They brought it all home with a glittering acoustic version of their Top 20 hit “Heaven.”

One knock on the Boys is that they are slow workers – they haven’t released many albums since their big breakthrough in 2004 and were working on only their fourth studio album for release this fall when Jojo encountered vocal cord troubles.  But he sounded fine on Saturday, and let’s hope we can get more of their “Texican Rock and Roll” out into circulation soon.  Their latest album is a live affair, titled Keep On Giving: Acoustic Live! and it features a couple guest appearances by Texas favorites Alejandro Escovedo and Carrie Rodriguez.

MP3: “Heaven” (Live acoustic version)

MP3: “Feliz Navidad”

MP3: “Run Run Rudolph”

Los Lonely Boys official website

Review: “Forgiven,” by Los Lonely Boys

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On first listening to Forgiven, Los Lonely Boys’ third studio CD, you might get an impression the Texas trio may have gone to this well a little too often.  The grooves feel more than a little similar to music they’ve made in the past and a bit too beholden to their influences.  So here’s what you do: take a drive to the beach and slip this CD into the player.  As the road and the summer stretch out before you, Los Lonely Boys sound exactly right.  “Staying With Me” is one of those summer singles like, say, Santana’s “Smooth” some years ago – it just gets its hooks in you and doesn’t let go.  You don’t want it to let go. “I’m A Man,” the old Spencer Davis group blues, lets guitarist Henry Garza rip with some tasty solos; “You Can’t See The Light” would probably remain funky even if Dr. John didn’t guest on the track; and “Heart Won’t Tell A Lie” shows off Henry’s cranking Stevie Ray Vaughan-style chops.  The songs just roll along, like a lazy summer drive.  Sure, these boys have a style that may seem repetitive to some listeners and their songs may not be groundbreaking or earth-shaking, but their sound is so comfortable and easy to digest that any missteps and redundancies are easily, ah, forgiven.  After recent offerings by Radiohead, My Morning Jacket and Coldplay, you owe yourself a lightweight summer listening treat.  Forgiven is it!  UPDATE: Apparently Wal-Mart is offering copies of the CD with two listed bonus tracks, other copies may include them as “hidden” tracks … at any rate, enjoy “Guero In The Barrio.”

MP3: “Staying With Me”

MP3: “Guero In The Barrio” (bonus track)

Los Lonely Boys official website