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Rock Moment: Fear & Loathing at the Super Bowl, 1974

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I hesitate to tell this story because I am certain nobody’s going to believe it.  But it happened.  In 1974 I was a college freshman, and I had this part-time job at the local newspaper in Port Arthur, Texas.  I worked in the sports department, writing copy (three paragraphs on volleyball, a couple of grafs every now and then on a pro wrestling card, etc.) and working weekends.  The Minnesota Vikings had earned a spot in the Super Bowl against the formidable Miami Dolphins and the game was set for Houston’s Rice Stadium.

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Lost Classics! “Where The Buffalo Roam”

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On paper, it probably looked like a surefire idea: condense the crazed writings of brilliant journalist/author Hunter S. Thompson and turn it into a movie.  And sign up comedian Bill Murray to play him!  And have eccentric rocker Neil Young do the soundtrack!  Surely, a coked-up Hollywood producer’s dream.

Back in 1980, Where The Buffalo Roam was the unholy product of this drug-fueled vision.  Of course the movie was bad – it was little more than Murray mugging through one bizarre episode after another.  So little of Thompson’s sensibility made it onto the film, the writer hated the movie, even though Murray was a close friend.  And of course the movie was a flop.

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