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Video Du Jour: SuperHeavy

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Here’s one for the weekend – “Miracle Worker,” the new song from the new group SuperHeavy. You may recognize the members as Dave Stewart, Joss Stone, Damian Marley, A.R. Rahman and yeah, Mick Jagger.

The band’s self-titled debut album is due out Sept. 19.

SuperHeavy official website

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Review: “Emotion and Commotion” by Jeff Beck

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I’ll admit I was never into Jeff Beck until I saw him perform at last year’s Rock and Roll Hall of Fame 25th anniversary concert at Madison Square Garden. His stirring rendition of “A Day In the Life” was mesmerizing and I became an instant fan. His latest release, Emotion and Commotion, is, so far, my pick for album of the year.

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Review: For the Ladies

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Get over it, football’s over and there’s no baseball for a while.  Do you really follow basketball?  Didn’t think so.  Prepare yourselves – Valentine’s Day is Sunday, and you already know this entire weekend is going to belong to the ladies.  And so will this batch of reviews.  Think of it as a favor: if you’re stuck for a little Valentine’s gift, you can always pick up one of these new CDs.

Between her highly successful eponymous 2006 debut album and its followup The Sea, Corinne Bailey Rae experienced the loss of her husband, who died of an overdose in 2008.   “Are You Here,” the first song on The Sea, comes face to face with her grief and then the singer begins to move on with the surprisingly rocking “The Blackest Lily” (featuring the Roots’ ?uestlove on drums).   Although there’s a melancholy thread winding through the songs, The Sea sounds like Corinne Bailey Rae is ready to take her music to a new level.

MP3: “The Blackest Lily’ by Corinne Bailey Rae

Sade also took a break between albums – in her case, it was about 10 years.  Soldier Of Love is less a comeback than a continuation, as the Nigerian-born singer picks up right where she left off.  Listening to Sade conjures a lazy afternoon on a sunny tropical beach, and the singer spins her slow-burning sensuality on standout tunes like “The Moon and the Sky” and “Morning Bird.”  Her songs often convey a feeling of longing and a hint of mystery, all wrapped in arrangements smoother than silk lingerie.

MP3: “Morning Bird” by Sade

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Review: “Y Not,” Ringo Starr

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As he approaches his 70th birthday this summer, Ringo Starr emerges with a new album, his 15th studio set since the breakup of the Beatles.  More than Paul McCartney – and much like John Lennon and George Harrison, when they were alive – Ringo has embodied the heart of the Beatles’ mystique and 1960s message of peace and love.  Y Not, the new album, steps up with that charming message and shares Ringo’s ideas on how to hold on to those attributes in a world that seems to have long forgotten them.

“Peace Dream” is Ringo’s version of “Imagine,” and he even name-drops his old bandmate John as he dreams of a world that’s “a better place for you and me.”  “Who’s Your Daddy” is a laconic rocker powered by a sultry guest vocal from Joss Stone, while “Fill In The Blanks” allows Ringo to rock out with the song’s co-writer and his brother-in-law Joe Walsh.  And Paul McCartney sings backup on the affecting “Walk With You,” co-written by Ringo and Van Dyke Parks.

Of course Ringo would get a little help from his friends – but the A-list guest stars actually enhance the offhand charm that is Ringo’s trademark.  With its shrug of a title, Y Not is a warm invitation to open your heart to a simpler era, when Beatles walked the earth and all you needed was love.

MP3: “Who’s Your Daddy” by Ringo Starr (with Joss Stone)

Ringo Starr official website