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Live: Austin City Limits Festival Day One – Black Keys, Spoon & The Strokes!

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The Black Keys became a four-piece for songs from "Brothers" as the sun went down in the west


(Editor’s Note: Our Austin correspondent Lily Angelle is on the grounds at the Austin City Limits festival in Austin’s Zilker Park.  She reports that the Black Keys ruled, Spoon rocked and the Strokes redeemed themselves from Wednesday’s debacle with a rousing performance that was easily the highlight of the day.)

Our strategy on Day One was to plant in front of one stage and move up gradually, winding up right up front for the Strokes.  After their inconsiderate performance at the “pre-show” on Wednesday evening, I was ready to give Julian Casablancas and crew another chance.


Dan Auerbach


We made it up to the AMD stage on the west side of the park in enough time to catch some of John Popper and Blues Traveler, followed by a rousing set by the Black Keys.  Dan Auerbach and Patrick Carney mixed it up with a variety of tunes from their entire catalog; when they played songs from Brothers, their latest album, the Keys became a four-piece that really rocked as the afternoon finally slipped behind the stage.

Former Austinites Spoon might have been a little mellow to follow the Black Keys, but they also represented their varied albums with a set that included “I Turn My Camera On” and of course, “I Summon You.”  As the ever-likeable Spoon reached the final tunes of its set it became clear the crowd was more than ready for the Strokes.  We were standing next to a couple of guys who drove eight hours from the Rio Grande valley to make Austin just in time for the front gates at ACL to open.  Naturally, they came to see the Strokes … and so did we.

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Live: The Strokes, Austin – Fail!

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Drummer's girlfriend Binki Shapiro got to hang on to her camera, and this is the best she could do.


(Editor’s Note: Our Austin correspondent Lily Angelle opens her coverage of the Austin City Limits Festival by attending a “pre-show” by The Strokes Wednesday … there were no freebies to the local media, so no press and no professional photographers on hand.  Our intrepid correspondent paid $75 for her ticket, and needless to say, she was slightly disappointed.)

Many will agree that The Strokes’ ACL pre-show at Stubb’s BBQ last night did not meet expectations – what an understatement!  The band has been on hiatus for about five years now, so the announcement of their tour came as a pleasant surprise to fans.

The Strokes signed to play the big Austin City Limits Festival this weekend, as well as a warmup pre-show at the Stubb’s Barbecue outdoor arena.  We patiently awaited their visit to Austin  just to be met with severe disappointment after last night’s mediocre performance Wednesday night.

I arrived at the venue two hours before the gates opened only to find a line already wrapped around the building.  I took my place and began fiddling with my camera, adjusting the settings and preparing it to take some great close-ups of Julian Casablancas.  A Stubb’s employee saw me and said no cameras were allowed into the venue whatsoever. What’s up with that?


Over the edge on Stubb's VIP balcony - another photo from Binki's Twitpic site


As people passed through security, bags were checked for cameras.  People were forced to take their cameras back to their cars;  I had taken the bus so I quickly shoved my camera into my shirt and passed through security, who, by the way, treat concert-goers as if they were loading livestock for the slaughterhouse.

The Strokes finally made their appearance onstage two hours after the gates opened, and two hours is a long time to stand in a crowd of overly excited high school kids, and the fact that there was no opening act only made things worse.

So, finally … the Strokes.  After making the crowd wait for two hours, they played a 45-minute set!  With a break!  Are you kidding?  (Wait, I’m not kidding.)  Granted, the music was phenomenal and they played most of their well-known songs (but nothing new).  However, for the amount of time and money fans put up to see The Strokes, we were definitely left out to dry.  Everyone felt gypped. People I talked to after the show felt as if the band treated the performance as just a practice for their ACL appearance on Friday.

The last humongous problem was the venue itself.  Security did a terrible job at maintaining order and controlling the “mosh pit.”  One guy fainted before the show even began, and it took security a good five minutes before they came to take him to safety.  About a quarter of the way into the show, a guy in the VIP section apparently had a seizure from the flashing stage lights and fell over the stairwell.  He was left dangling, with his pants falling down, for at least three minutes before security managed to pull him back up over the stairwell.

I managed to stay in the mosh pit for only three songs before having to be pulled out.  Worrying about having your internal organs crushed really deflects attention away from what you came there to see.  I finally managed to find a halfway decent place way in the back, and during my search for a spot where I could see the stage I missed my favorite song, “You Only Live Once.”

After the show I made my way to the stage to get a picture of the drum kit.  Devoted fans stood there booing and cursing the band, flabbergasted that The Strokes did not even reappear onstage for an encore after their short set.

Even though I did witness a great rock band play Wednesday night, it was not at the right place and it completely lacked “magic.”

UPDATE: The Strokes redeemed themselves with their opening night performance at Austin City Limits festival.

YouTube: The Strokes at Stubb’s doing “Someday”

YouTube:  “You Only Live Once”

The Hell With Christmas

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This year we have a bad attitude going into the holidays.  It’s been a rough economic year, we got this war overseas, Tiger Woods – it’s tough all over.  Maybe it’s time for some Christmas music.  I hope this crummy attitude doesn’t spill over into the song selection (you know it will).  Ho, ho.  Ho.

MP3: “Christmas For Everyone” by Rob Halford

MP3: Rob Halford Holiday Greeting

Tiger Woods family Christmas card, 2009

MP3: “Santa Claus Is A Black Man” by Akim

MP3: “O Holy Night/Cha Cha Cha” by Brave Combo

MP3: Elvis’ Christmas Message

MP3: “Frosty The Snowman” by Jan & Dean

MP3: “Christmas Blues” by Bob Dylan

MP3: “Christmas In Southgate” by Ry Cooder

MP3: “Christmas Time (Is Here Again) by the Beatles

MP3: “I Wish It Was Christmas Today” by Julian Casablancas

MP3: “Celebrate Christmas” by Billy Bob Thornton (from Bad Santa)

MP3: “Mistress For Christmas” by AC/DC

MP3: “Boogaloo Santa Claus” by J.D. McDonald

MP3: “Snowflakes” by the Ventures

MP3: “Jingle Bell Hustle” by Wayne Newton

MP3: “I’m A Christmas Tree” by Wild Man Fischer

MP3: “Christmas Day” by Green Day