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Review: k.d. lang, Madonna, Cyndi Lauper

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k.d. lang takes you on a journey through her career on her new disc, Watershed. She mixes in a little country, a little pop, a little easy listening, but, unfortunately, very little life. It’s the kind of collection that you might have on in the background when you’re alone doing stuff around your house or reading a book. It keeps you company, but it doesn’t want to make you use the broom as a guitar. Lang has an incredible voice, her harmonies are great, and her melodies are interesting in spots, but the 11 songs are painfully slow, and after about four of them you are hoping there isn’t a rope anywhere near you. If you are a k.d. lang fan, then you’ll probably enjoy this disc. If you’re not, and want to hear some of her better work, try 1992’s, Ingenue


MP3: I Dream of Spring

k.d. lang Official Website


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