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Video Du Jour: Kids These Days

Posted in News with tags on July 6, 2012 by 30daysout

We caught this ambitious group of high schoolers at SXSW this year – hailing from Chicago, Kids These Days play a mix of hip hop, blues, jazz, rock and soul.

Their guitarist, Liam Cunningham, is a crazy virtuoso in the Hendrix mold, and we dug drummer Greg Landfair too. The band’s main vocalists, Macie Stewart (the girl) and Vic Mensa (the rapper) were a little green but we expect they’ll pick up more seasoning as they play more gigs.

The Kids have already scored a shot on “Conan” as well as a spot on the bill at Lollapalooza next month. And their first album Traphouse Rock will emerge in September. Here’s “Flashing Lights.”

Kids These Days official website (get a free download of “Flashing Lights”)