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Lost Classics!: Di$co Time!

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Would Gene Simmons and KISS go disco? You bet! (Photo by Keith Leroux for KISSOnline)

A few years ago, while riffling through my closet, I came across my old pea green leisure suit. In one pocket was a ticket stub to a Bee Gees concert, circa 1979 in the Houston Summit. (Yes, that was the one with the guest dancer appearance by one Mr. John Travolta, in town filming Urban Cowboy). Horrified at this perfect polyester time capsule, I bundled it up and gave it as a Christmas white elephant gift at the office party.

I bet there are some pretty famous people who can’t get rid of their disco mistakes so easily. Remember the Beach Boys’ disco cash-in from 1979, “Here Comes The Night”? So do we, unfortunately. How about the Electric Light Orchestra hiding behind an Olivia Newton-John vocal for the horrid “Xanadu” (1980)? Or Paul McCartney’s “Goodnight Tonight” (1979)? Truly frightening.

Unbelieveable, really.

Even artists you wouldn’t expect to do disco, people with a lot artistic integrity, did some booty-shaking tracks back in the day. They may have tried to disguise it, but a disco by another color still smells … well, you know. How about Bruce Springsteen’s “Cover Me” (1984) – a bit late in the game but you can’t deny that driving backbeat. The Eagles doing “One Of These Nights” (1975) might have been a little early in the curve so you can give them the benefit of the doubt, but had it come out a few years later it would be disco. And what about “The Magnificient Seven” by the Clash (1981)? Hmmm.

Then there are the Rolling Stones. How many disco songs did they actually do? Aside from “Miss You” (1978), there’s “Emotional Rescue” (1980) and probably “Beast of Burden” (1978). And the less said about “I Was Made for Lovin’ You” by KISS (1979), the better.

So do you have a leisure suit in the closet? Break it out, dust off your old dance moves and let’s shake some tail on this Saturday night to your favorite rock acts gettin’ down with some disco!

MP3: “One Of These Nights” (live) by the Eagles

MP3: “Cover Me” by Bruce Springsteen & the E Street Band

MP3: “Goodnight Tonight” by Paul McCartney & Wings

MP3: “Here Comes The Night” (1979 version) by the Beach Boys

MP3: “Xanadu” by Olivia Newton-John & the Electric Light Orchestra

MP3: “The Magnificent Seven” by The Clash

MP3: “I Was Made For Lovin’ You” (2009 version) by KISS

MP3: “Discotheque” by U2

MP3: “Emotional Rescue” by the Rolling Stones

MP3: “Shakedown Street” by the Grateful Dead

MP3: “Run Like Hell” by Pink Floyd

And why not?

MP3: “Do Ya Think I’m Sexy?” by Rod Stewart

MP3: “Stayin’ Alive” by the Bee Gees

Video Du Jour: KISS Helps Parents To Rock

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KISS is always involved in something new … here’s a PSA for their newest venture, “Helping Parents To Rock.”

In case you haven’t figured this out, it’s from Jimmy Kimmel Live.

KISS official web site

Video Du Jour: KISS

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Just for laughs, here’s KISS performing “Strutter” in Tulsa, 8/26.

Thanks to KISS Online for the video.

Hurry! Get Your KISS Monster Book!

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Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley examine the KISS Monster Book.

For years we knew that KISS were masters of marketing, even back in the 1970s. Gene Simmons’ reality TV show let that particular secret out of the closet, if the merciless merchandising of KISS the past 30 years wasn’t tipoff enough.

So now there’s the KISS Monster Book, a literally larger-than-life photo book spanning the band’s four decades. For starters, the book itself is 3 feet tall!

It features photography from such masters as Richard Aaron, Fin Costello, Bob Gruen, Ross Halfin, Tom Hill, Steve Jennings, Andrew Kent, Barry Levine, Eric McKenna, Evan Mover, Michael Putland, Denis O’Regan, Chip Rock, Al Soluri, Mark Sullivan, Mark Weiss and Neil Zlozower.

It’s a limited edition; only 1,000 copies will be printed. And you can choose a custom cover with the flag of your country. So what’s the price tag? Only $4,299 … but wait, there’s more!

Each copy will come personally signed by all four members of KISS! Don’t wait, get your copy now – before it’s too late!

KISS Monster Book official website

YouTube: KISS Monster Book promo

Video Du Jour: KISS

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KISS and Mötley Crüe are on tour this summer … is the world ready for that? Here’s the last part of “Rock and Roll All Nite,” from a few nights ago in Tampa.

Tour info at KISS online

Rockin’ Into the Weekend

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The late, great Ronnie James Dio.

Many people will be celebrating this weekend – Passover, Easter or just two or three days off from work. Let us be the first to welcome you to the weekend … here are some hard rockin’ tunes to help get you in the right mood.

MP3: “Shout It Out Loud” by KISS (2009 version)

MP3: “Holy Diver” by Dio

MP3: “The Ripper” by Judas Priest

MP3: “Caught In A Mosh” by Anthrax

MP3: “The Number of the Beast” by Iron Maiden

MP3: “Sweet Leaf” by Black Sabbath

MP3: “Cowboys From Hell” by Pantera

MP3: “Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap” (live) by AC/DC

MP3: “Cities On Flame with Rock and Roll” by Blue Öyster Cult

MP3: “Revolution Rock” by the Clash

MP3: “Kick Out The Jams” by Rage Against The Machine

MP3: “And The Cradle Will Rock” by Van Halen

Video Du Jour: KISS

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Why the hell not? KISS, as featured on “Jimmy Kimmel Live” recently.

KISS Online – official website