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Iconic Houston DJ Mark Stevens, R.I.P.

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Mark Stevens, left, and Jim Pruett


He had the greatest laugh I ever heard. The kind of laugh that caused you to laugh even if something wasn’t funny. Mark Stevens, half of the greatest morning show team in radio history, died today from complications of Alzheimer’s Disease. He was 76.

I used work overnight at KTRH Radio in Houston, right down the hall from 101 KLOL, where he along with one of the best straight men ever, Jim Pruett, did their morning show.  I would see Stevens and a bevy of naked ladies that used to roam the hallways just about every day. He was sometimes pompous, but most of the time cordial and even complimentary.  He once told me he liked a story I did on Joe Walsh, who said, I’m guessing in a drunken stupor, that he was running for vice-president. I remember feeling good all weekend.

Stevens and Pruett, aka the Radio Gawds, along with the great Brian Shannon, Martha Martinez, my good friend Laurie Kendrick, the late Kevin Dorsey, Lanny Griffith and a host of others were as good as it gets on radio from the mid-80s to 2000. You never wanted to miss a show. Skits like Uncle Waldo and classic lines like “Have you ever keister saluted the fudge sergeant?” and “Hi, my name is Abdul Kissmedick” have had me laughing for years.

I’m not sure Stevens ever got the credit he deserved. However, reading some of the comments from former colleagues and listeners today, you could feel his impact. He was a huge talent and I personally don’t think we’ll ever hear anything like Stevens and Pruett again. Howard Stern may have started the shock genre, but when I listen to his past shows on Sirius/XM Radio, Stevens and Pruett blow him away. Rest in peace, Mark. You are now in the land where there are no corporations to ruin radio and and no program directors who selfishly break up the greatest team in radio history for their amusement. Keep laughing, brother, and say hi to Big Bruno.

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“Thanksgiving Uncle Waldo” by Stevens and Pruett