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Christmas Rockin’

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Liberace, the Ghost of Christmas WTF?

MP3: “Run Rudolph Run” by Keith Richards

MP3: “Jingle Bells” by The Weisstronauts

MP3: “(I) Deck The Halls” by Los Straitjackets

MP3: Dave Mustaine (Megadeth) Holiday Greeting

MP3: “Hey Santa” by The Birthday Girl vs Alexander’s Festival Hall

MP3: “Tiny Tree Christmas” by Guster

MP3: “Blue Christmas” by Sheryl Crow

MP3: “Súper Mamá (Supermom)” by The Pinker Tones

MP3: “Jingle Bell Rock” by the Arcade Fire

MP3: “The Chipmunk Song” by the Chipmunks and Canned Heat

MP3: “Twas The Night Before Christmas” by Liberace

MP3: “Party Hard” by Little Isidore

MP3: Ozzy Osbourne’s holiday greeting

MP3: “Christmas For Everyone” by Halford

MP3: “Rocking Around The Christmas Tree” by Joe Lynn Turner, Bruce Kulick, Bob Kulick, Rudy Sarzo & Simon Wright

MP3: Weird Al Yankovic’s Holiday Greeting

MP3: “Yuletide Zeppelin” by Mojochronic

Rock Moment: Liberace, 1980

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Take a look at this photo … what can you infer about this person from looking at the picture?  Mmm-hmm, I agree.  OK, so just keep that image in mind or refer to the photo occasionally while you read this strange little tale.

So it’s 1980 and in Orange, Texas (just on the Southeast Texas border with Louisiana) they are opening a beautiful new performing arts venue, the Lutcher Stark Theater.  I have no idea what it’s like now, but at the time Orange was one of those typical Texas towns – most residents’ idea of “high art” was a movie in which Burt Reynolds drove less than 50 mph.  But there were a bunch of rich folk who longed for big-city type entertainment, hence the 1,400-or-so-seat Lutcher Theater.

Their first big entertainer booked was Liberace, long a star on TV and the Vegas circuit and well-known for his kitschy humor and wardrobe and for being, well, refer to the photo above.    When I was a kid I once overheard one of my aunts saying “There are two men I dream about sleeping with … Elvis and Liberace.”  I never could figure that out, because it was flamingly obvious that (see photo above).

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