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Worst Christmas Songs Ever: “Santa Baby”

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This is one that just gets on my last nerve. Every time it comes on I can’t change the channel fast enough. The tune, which tells the tale of a woman asking Jolly Old St. Nick for extravagant gifts, was written by Joan Javits and Phillip Springer in 1953. It was first recorded by Eartha Kitt that same year and has since been done by everyone from Madonna to Calista Flockhart.

I’m guessing the song is supposed to be sexy, but for me it’s about a thousand miles away. It just sounds like a rich girl whining to her wealthy old husband (dressed up like Santa, of course) for more and hinting at sex that most likely will never take place. After he falls asleep, because he’s in late 80s, she’ll max out his credit card and he’ll wake up and wonder what the hell happened. He’ll eventually die, she’ll get all his money, and then fight with his kids in court for years. I’m thinking I may have read way too much into this song.

Here is one of the worst versions performed by Madonna…

Live: Madonna, Houston

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Like a herd of cattle, thousands made their way through a small door on the side of Minute Maid Park (home of the Houston Astros) to see the one and only Madonna on her “Sticky and Sweet Tour.”  Some women were dressed in the “Like A Virgin” wedding dress, others in the “Desperately Seeking Susan” get up, and many donned short black skirts, long black boots and showed lots of cleavage.  Some MILFs, others I wouldn’t touch with yours.  The men, well, lets just say they were “colorful.”

The show was supposed to start at 7:30, however, she didn’t grace us with her presence until almost 9:25.  For the next two hours, the baseball stadium turned into one big, thumping multimedia disco.  Three huge video screens, and three smaller ones featured different images, including Justin Timberlake, all night long.  At times it looked more like we were watching an Imax film than a concert. She did have a full band, but I think they only played on two or three songs the whole night. Most of the tunes were programmed, and many were lip-synched.

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Review: k.d. lang, Madonna, Cyndi Lauper

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k.d. lang takes you on a journey through her career on her new disc, Watershed. She mixes in a little country, a little pop, a little easy listening, but, unfortunately, very little life. It’s the kind of collection that you might have on in the background when you’re alone doing stuff around your house or reading a book. It keeps you company, but it doesn’t want to make you use the broom as a guitar. Lang has an incredible voice, her harmonies are great, and her melodies are interesting in spots, but the 11 songs are painfully slow, and after about four of them you are hoping there isn’t a rope anywhere near you. If you are a k.d. lang fan, then you’ll probably enjoy this disc. If you’re not, and want to hear some of her better work, try 1992’s, Ingenue


MP3: I Dream of Spring

k.d. lang Official Website


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