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Video Du Jour: Matt & Kim

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Today we begin the slow buildup to South by Southwest, the mid-March music madness in Austin, Texas, where thousands of music wannabes, also-rans, never weres and wish-we-coulds will gather to show off their chops. A few years ago we ran across Matt & Kim, an overexuberant pop duo who seem to have a knack for creating videos that are sometimes catchier than their songs.

This is “It’s Alright,” from their 2012 album Lightning.

Matt & Kim official web site

SXSW: Day One

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It always takes a while to get your feet under you once the sneakers hit the ground in Austin for South by Southwest (SXSW).  Wednesday, the first official day of the mega music festival, we fooled around so much we almost managed to miss all the music. Thousands of musical performers are in town to show off their abilities and hopefully get some attention from the music bidness types and journalists – but this year they’re going to have fight off many, many big names.

And really, during the first day we seemed to be preoccupied with the already famous people in town. My daughter’s boyfriend Jave has the knack for putting himself in the right place at the right time, but we’ll talk about him shortly.

Dave Grohl and Taylor Hawkins of the Foo Fighters

Our activities revolved around the MTV-sponsored “Woodie Awards,” given to musical acts that appeal to the college crowd – the big event, telecast live on the network, attracted rappers and indie acts. Our correspondent who attended endured about four hours of standing in a cattle call, waiting to be admitted in to the venue, while we hung outside near the “red carpet” gawking at the big shots streaming in.

Well, we saw the Foo Fighters – they were there to perform their new single “Rope” – and we actually recognized Wiz Khalifa, who seems to now be with Kanye West’s old girlfriend (the bald headed one, Amber Rose). The rest of the time, as one act after another vamped on the red carpet for paparazzi, the question went up and down our line (the “losers” line) which went something like this: “Who’s that?” “I think it’s a rapper.” “No, I think he’s on the Disney Channel.”

We did manage to correctly identify Matt and Kim, there to receive an award as well as present one, and the Irish indie rockers Two Door Cinema Club, who also won an award. Wiz Khalifa got the night’s big award, so congrats.

Now while all this was going on my daughter’s boyfriend promptly lined up to see a short comedy set by Aziz Ansari, of TV’s “Parks and Recreation.” Informed that he was one person removed from the fire marshal’s limit, he stuck in there and managed to edge in anyway. Right next to movie star Michael Cera – Jave asked if he could take a photo but stuck his camera in video mode by accident. His camera’s light went on automatically, spotlighting the Scott Pilgrim star, and Cera leaned over to ask “Isn’t there a more subtle way you can do this?”

Not this kid – our hero snapped a quick one with Ansari and left triumphant. Living to

Our boy Jave Del Rosario with Aziz Ansari

fight another day, he vows to take our group over to Waterloo Records today for some in-stores and a visit from Jack White’s traveling record store, Third Man Records, in a yellow van. White showed up with the van yesterday and played an impromptu set; we hope he’ll do the same today as his label’s the Greenhorns are slated to show up at Waterloo.

So, tonight is the big free show by the Strokes to promote their not-bad new album Angles. Some of us may head over to the excellent South by San Jose lineup on South Congress to catch,  among others, rockabilly great Wanda Jackson. She may also have Jack White (he produced her latest album) in tow.

See you tomorrow, promise we’ll hear some more music today.  Follow us on Twitter for breaking updates.

Two Door Cinema Club

Sixth Street at night - it gets much crazier.

This is what we came for - I didn't catch their name but I gave them five bucks.


Live: Austin City Limits Festival Day Two – Local Natives, Gogol Bordello, M.I.A.

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M.I.A. onstage Saturday night at Austin City Limits festival


(Editor’s Note: Our Austin correspondent Lily Angelle is covering the Austin City Limits festival in Austin’s Zilker Park, and Saturday she dipped her toe into the variety evident at this year’s event.)

Everybody is saying how this weekend’s weather is perfect for a festival, perhaps the best it’s ever been in the eight-year history of the ACL fest.  Saturday we walked the grounds a bit, sampling some of the food and the variety of music.

We saw Local Natives, a California band that we also caught earlier this year at SXSW.  I like this band’s mix of world beat and rock, and they helped me get over not being able to see Vampire Weekend on Friday.  This is very happy music, perfect for this sunburn kind of day.


Gogol Bordello


And I really liked Gogol Bordello, the gypsy punk band from New York City.  There’s no way I can tell you many of the song titles but their set was full of energy and fun – front man Eugene Hutz had his shirt off and the entire group remained in constant motion through the set.  People went nuts during their accordion-driven “Start Wearing Purple,” which I’m told is one of their most popular tunes.  People tried to crowd surf during the Gogol Bordello set, but each time somebody went up security was right there to bring them down and walk them away.  Where do they go?  I don’t know, I hope those people weren’t getting tossed out though.

We also caught some of the Black Lips, who sound like they could be a cross between a garage band and the Jefferson Airplane.  I wasn’t too thrilled with these guys, but they drew a large crowd for their early set.

After Gogol Bordello, we were positioning ourselves for one of the headliners so we saw/heard Matt and Kim from a distance … they sounded pretty good.  But we were in place for M.I.A., the singer/rapper whose real name is Mathangi “Maya” Arulpragasam.  We got “XR2” and “Bamboo Banga” from her 2007 album Kala and the obligatory “Paper Planes,” most famously from the movie Slumdog Millionaire.  M.I.A. is also in constant motion, and she really sent everyone into a frenzy when she ventured out into the crowd.  She can really mix it up – even though she has only three albums, M.I.A. puts on a strong and entertaining show.

We walked over to catch the big finale of Muse, as they kicked into “Stockholm Syndrome” and the encore with “Plug In Baby.”  Lots of fireworks and smoke, and a very appreciative crowd here too.  Amazing that two headliners can put on big shows on opposite end of a park, and each has an audience of literally tens of thousands of people!

Today is the last day of the festival; we’re going to try and catch some of the big names including Robert Earl Keen, Norah Jones and the Flaming Lips.  And if we have to, some of the Eagles.

UPDATE: Muse will stream its entire ACL set here at 10 p.m. CDT today.

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Local Natives



M.I.A. works the crowd while security hangs on