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Video of the Week: DropZ

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If you take some DropZ you’re not ingesting a new sleep aid, you’re slammin’ some jams from L.A. hippity-hopper Drop Z.  To quote: “YO my playa luvin friendz, thiz iz Drop-O. When I flo Ima neva gonna stop-O My names DropZ & droppin hitz iz my game Thatz Y DropZ iz my name If U need 2 know mo about me Dont B judgin & dont ya neva doubt me.  Jus give a listen 2 tha hitz Ima droppin Makin 1 afta anutha run 4 cover I aint stoppin Ima doer not a dreamer walker not a talker What U seez iz what U getz no lookin back & no regretz Mean what I say & I say what I mean.”

I don’t know what the fuck he’s sayin’ either.  But I do like his new video, which is a tribute to Michael Jackson.  Genius or garbage?  You tell me.
YouTube: “Tha King A Pop” by DropZ

DropZ’s weird but entertaining MySpace page

Official DropZ website

“Bruce and Michael” – Summer of 1984

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 MJ & Bruce Springsteen_jpg

The summer of 1984 was an interesting one. I was going into my junior year of college, I got a job delivering Pepsi-Cola in the hot Houston summer (one of the hardest jobs ever) and I was dumped by the same girlfriend, not once, but twice (it’s a long story, so don’t ask). However, I do remember this summer fondly for one reason…the music.

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In the end, Michael Jackson just couldn’t beat it

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How is it that Michael Jackson dies at age 50? Was it the stress from preparing for 50 sold out shows set to take place in London next month? Was it the stress from money problems? Was it left over stress from the child molestation trial? Or was it just a life that appeared to be one that I wouldn’t wish on my worst enemy?

Despite what the coroner’s report will find, none of  us will ever really know what caused his death. None of us will ever know how lonely he was, or how he internalized the constant criticism from the press, hateful and heartless bloggers like Perez Hilton and everyone in between. None of us will ever know what it was really like to be Michael Jackson and what eventually brought him down. In the end, he couldn’t beat all that had become “Michael Jackson.”

Michael Jackson will be remembered by some as the greatest artist of all time. He’ll be remembered by others as the guy who had great affection for little boys and was found not guilty of child molestation after one of the most sensational trials in history. No matter what you think of him, Michael Jackson was one of the most recognizable figures in history, but when you die of a heart attack at such a young age, you have to wonder if it was really worth it.   

Michael Jackson Official Website