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Get Down in H-Town

Posted in Rock Moment with tags , , , on February 15, 2013 by 30daysout


Lots of fun stuff going on this weekend in our hometown, Houston. The NBA has its all star game on Sunday, and there are all sorts of celebrities and tall people walkin’ around the streets of H-Town.

There are some free things goin’ on with all the NBA stuff, but that’s nowhere near as interesting as the shindigs and soirees they’re tossin’ for the high rollers, slam dunkers and playas who are descending upon our fine city.

Sir Michael Jordan Air’d his way into Houston yesterday – on a baby blue private jet with his logo on the tail, no less – for a big birthday party someone is throwing for him and rappers like Sean “Diddy” Combs, Drake, Brian “Birdman” Williams, Fabolous, Rick Ross and Meek Mill all have events scheduled for the weekend.


Willie D, advice columnist.

But what are the locals doing? If they’re like me, staying away from anything NBA related.  Sorry – I don’t think I’ll be able to scrape up the $100,000 admission to get me and my posse into Jay-Z’s Celebrity Bash. We had some tickets to see Ellie Goulding and the recently reunited Fall Out Boy perform on Saturday for live TV, but they’re only doing one song each so it wasn’t worth the five-plus hours of time it will take to get herded in and out of the venue.

Maybe most locals will just watch all the events on TV. We might turn to the city’s newest advice columnist, Willie D, for some wisdom. Yeah, Willie D … Geto Boys, “Fuck Rodney King,” … that Willie D. He writes an advice column for the Houston Press now: as it says, “got some real-life shit bothering you? Ask Willie D!”

If you watch any NBA stuff this weekend, have a good thought for Houston. It ain’t so bad here (hint: it’s not fucking snowing!) and most of us who live here kinda like it. You can read more about our fair city at this blog post, it may even have some music downloads that still work. Come visit us when ya’ll get a chance!

YouTube: “Houston, the Action Town” by Juke Boy Bonner