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Video Du Jour: Rhett Miller

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Best known as lead singer of the Old 97s, Rhett Miller is also a solo artist – his new album is The Dreamer, and it features “Out Of Love.”

Rhett Miller official website

Review: “Rhett Miller,” Rhett Miller

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There was a guy who worked with my wife some years ago, he liked to throw parties at his house but he never could choose the right “party” music (in my opinion).  In the process of helping this hapless host discover his true party animal – Linda Ronstadt was a revelation to him – we both stumbled upon the Old 97s.  Not quite country-rock, not quite power pop, not quite anything, the Dallas band seemed to fulfill a lot of requirements for party background noise.

The frontman of this erstwhile quintet was, and still is, Rhett Miller, a wordplay wizard who also has a marksman’s aim with his musical hooks.   He has produced a fourth solo album, Rhett Miller, with all of his formidable skills intact.   The first single “I Need To Know Where I Stand” sounds like everything’s there, all right, until Rhett says his love “feels like paralysis.”

On this album, Miller’s coming from a real dark place – “Happy Birthday Don’t Die” was apparently inspired by the death of a family member – but he has the knack for wrapping his angst and misery in some of the peppiest tunes this side of Paul McCartney.  “If It’s Not Love” is a highlight with its ringing guitars and rootsy electric solos, “Another Girlfriend” has Miller confessing “the last thing I need is another girlfriend.” 

Rhett Miller is a good soundtrack for a dark night of the soul, an evening on the patio with burgers on the grill or even a party with your co-workers.  He’d fit right in after that old Linda Ronstadt record.

MP3: “I Need To Know Where I Stand”

Rhett Miller official website

Summer’s Here!

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Today is the first day of summer.  No matter where you live, it’s always the best time of the year.  Enjoy our little summer mix – some of these have nothing to do with the season, they’re just good summer singles.  And have a good weekend.

MP3: “Holiday Road” (live) by Lindsey Buckingham

MP3: “Always A Friend” by Alejandro Escovedo

MP3: “Summer Turns To High” by R.E.M.

MP3: “Summer Is Here” by the Outsiders

MP3: “Surf Wax America” by Weezer

MP3: “Ted F–king Williams” by The Baseball Project

MP3: “Little Pad” by the Beach Boys

MP3: “Watermelon Time” by Marcia Ball

MP3: “Girls In Their Summer Clothes” (winter mix) by Bruce Springsteen & the E Street Band

MP3: “All Summer Long” by Chris Rea

MP3: “Viva La Vida” by Coldplay

MP3: “Wildest Dream” by Journey (w/Arnel Pineda)

MP3: “She Loves The Sunset” by the Old 97s




Review: Texas Music (Summer Edition)

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Don’t know about you, but here in the Lone Star state the weather is telling us summer’s here.  Time to clean the pool, dust off the barbecue grill and pop a few tops (of Lone Star Beer, naturally).  We understand gasoline is 4 bucks a gallon so we won’t be too offended if you don’t visit over the Memorial Day weekend.  So here’s some freshly minted music from Texas, as a little holiday gift to you.

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Review: “Blame It On Gravity,” Old 97s

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In a just world, the Old 97s would get all of the attention that is now lavished on bands like, say, Death Cab For Cutie.  The Dallas-based Old 97s have been polishing their rockin’ alt-country chops for 15 years now, and on any night their live act is capable of blowing any Seattle nerds off any stage, anywhere.  Blame It On Gravity, the 97s’ seventh studio album, rocks out with a set of tuneful gems detonated by the vacation romance “Dance With Me,” which, by the way, is the first great summer song of 2008 (see May 15 blogpost).  Frontman Rhett Miller and guitarist Ken Bethea give a power-pop polish to their tales of jilted lovers and down-but-not-out losers.  “No Baby I” kicks off like a country stomper but Bethea’s burning guitar solo ignites this jalopy into the fast lane.  The band gives their alt-country followers “My Two Feet” and “This Beautiful Thing,” the latter sounding like a Tom Petty castoff with a lead vocal by Bethea.  “One buck in the jukebox gets you two,” sings Miller, and with Blame It On Gravity you get substantially more than that.

MP3: No Baby I

YouTube: Old 97s at Cactus Records, Houston, 5/15/08

Old 97s official website

Old 97s In-Store at Cactus

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Wish I could make the Old 97s’ in-store performance today at 5:30 p.m., in Houston’s beautiful new Cactus Music record and CD emporium.  They’re supporting their new album Blame It On Gravity, which has been getting some pretty good reviews.  And the first single, “Dance With Me,” is great!  Although we won’t be able to catch the in-store, we’ll review the CD soon. 

MP3: Dance With Me

Old 97s official website