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(Editor’s Note: I wrote one Halloween post yesterday, then I realized we did this up big last year.  So this one is a repost, like many of the other Halloween items you’ll see in coming days and weeks.)

October is a fun month, because it has Halloween.  Adults who are otherwise intelligent and responsible like to dress up in stupid costumes and go to parties, while many others who don’t still remember when they used to go trick-or-treating as kids.   Churches and other religious types don’t much like Halloween, but I always thought that celebrating Halloween is sort of like facing your fears eye to eye, and spitting in the face of death.

And there are probably as many songs about Halloween – and related subjects – as there are Christmas tunes.  So let’s jump right in, and we’ll keep going to the graveyard throughout the month.

MP3: “Introduction To Horror” by Arch Oboler

MP3: “The Transylvania Twist” by Baron Daemoen & the Vampires

MP3: “The Creature From The Black Lagoon” by Dave Edmunds

MP3: “House Of Horrors” by Merv Griffin

MP3: “Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde” by the Emersons

MP3: “Astro Zombies” by My Chemical Romance

MP3: “Halloween” by the Misfits

MP3: “Area 51” by the Flying Burrito Brothers

MP3: “Report From Grover’s Mill, New Jersey” (from “The War Of The Worlds” 1938 radio broadcast)

MP3: “It Came Out Of The Sky” by Creedence Clearwater Revival