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WTF: Crazy Cover Versions

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We all love cover versions of our favorite rock songs, if only for the fresh perspective the covering artist brings to familiar material. Cover versions are particularly entertaining when they come out of left field – like when an artist jumps genres for material. Remember when Pat Boone covered metal songs? Yeah.

One of our favorites is of course the AOR darlings the Carpenters, covering Klaatu’s “Calling Occupants of Interplanetary Craft.” Klaatu was a Canadian prog-rock outfit, and they are perhaps best remembered for a rumor that went out in the 1970s that Klaatu were actually the Beatles recording under a pseudonym. Take one listen to any Klaatu record and you know that’s not true. Nevertheless, they put out “Calling Occupants” in 1976 and the next year popsters Karen and Richard Carpenter covered the song. They had a modest hit out of it, too.

Sebastian Cabot, thinking about Bob Dylan.

There was a time when TV actors made a few bucks by releasing albums with their cracked covers of Dylan, the Beatles, et. al. William Shatner is perhaps best known for doing that, but we’ve included a lesser known actor today – Sebastian Cabot (a British gent who played butlers and such) – doing a Dylan tune.

Country artists taking rock songs to the barnyard is also a disturbing recurring phenomenon. Here we have the great Willie Nelson doing the Beatles from a 2003 comp. Finnish black metal rockers Children of Bodom have a sense of humor; they do covers all the time, including this one of an Eddie Murphy groaner.

Legitimate rockers like those cover versions too, especially when they can totally make ’em over – hence, Pearl Jam doing the death-rock classic “Last Kiss,” John Cale deconstructing Elvis’ “Heartbreak Hotel” and Eric Burdon going totally over the top on a Stones cover.

Don’t have much else to say here, it’s just an excuse to share some of these out-of-the-blue covers. Hope you like ’em – if you don’t, you always have the originals!

MP3: “Calling Occupants Of Interplanetary Craft” by the Carpenters

MP3: “Like A Rolling Stone” by Sebastian Cabot

MP3: “One After 909” by Willie Nelson

MP3: “Lola” by the Raincoats

MP3: “Sympathy For The Devil” by Louis Prima

MP3: “Good Vibrations” by Floyd Cramer

MP3: “Party All The Time” by Children of Bodom

MP3: “Last Kiss” by Pearl Jam

MP3: “Heartbreak Hotel” by John Cale

MP3: “Creep” by Scala Choir & Kolacny Brothers

MP3: “Paint It Black” by Eric Burdon & the Animals

Video Du Jour: Pearl Jam

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Pearl Jam is celebrating its 20th anniversary this year, and the big events include a Cameron Crowe-directed documentary; reissues of early ‘90s classics Vs. and Vitalogy, and two shows at one of its favorite concert venues: the Alpine Valley Music Theatre in East Troy, Wis.

Happy birthday, Pearl Jam. Here they are performing “Better Man” in Madison Square Garden last year.

Pearl Jam official website

Pearl Jam Time Lapse

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This is a time-lapse of Pearl Jam performing for an “Austin City Limits” taping on Oct. 3.  The episode premieres Saturday, Nov. 21.

This time-lapse was created from photographs taken every 6 seconds from 9:09AM – 11:29PM.  More than 10,000 images were taken to create the video.  If you notice Eddie Vedder performing on stage before they seem to begin the actual show, that is during rehearsal. They rehearsed for about an hour. Yes, that is Ben Harper with him.

Check your local listings for “Austin City Limits” on PBS.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

more about “Pearl Jam Time Lapse“, posted with vodpod

Song of the Week: “The Fixer” by Pearl Jam

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Pearl Jam has just released its ninth studio album, Backspacer.  “The Fixer” is the first single, and the video was directed by Cameron Crowe (Jerry Maguire).

Pearl Jam official website

Friday Is Boss’ Day: Covering Springsteen Part 2

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Today’s post has been compiled by our L.A. correspondent Randy Fuller, who has been a Springsteen fan since the 1970s.

Bruce Springsteen is a great rocker because he can create music that appeals to many people without compromising the clarity of his vision.  Very few songwriters over the years have been able to consistently accomplish this – Dylan is the first that springs to mind.  Because Springsteen’s songs are so durable, they can withstand being covered by artists from all genres.

Johnny Cash or Yo La Tengo can turn in as valid an interpretation as Pearl Jam or Steve Earle.  With Springsteen, it’s all good. 

MP3: “No Surrender” by Pearl Jam

MP3: “Independence Day” by the Waterboys

MP3: “Adam Raised A Cain” by Patterson Hood

MP3: “Atlantic City” by Hank Williams III

MP3: “The River” by Josh Ritter

MP3: “Born In The USA” by Ballboy

MP3: “Thunder Road” by Badly Drawn Boy

MP3: “Mansion On The Hill” by David Gray

MP3: “Hungry Heart” by Yo La Tengo

MP3: “Highway Patrolman” by Johnny Cash

MP3: “State Trooper” by Steve Earle