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Rock Moment: New Wave Hits The U.S.

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It’s kind of difficult to pinpoint exactly when punk turned into New Wave, circa 1978 or so.  When the Sex Pistols flamed out early that year, able bands like the Clash and the Ramones carried on with even more success. Two years earlier,  the Stiff Records label was born in England and that could be the genesis point for what was later to become New Wave music.

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30 Years Out: The Punk-est Punk Band

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Social critics and pundits have had their say, they’ve passed the 1970s along to the historians.  Punk rock came and went – many of the bars are now closed, somebody’s swept up the beer cans and wiped up the spit and blood.  But let’s look back once more … at a punk band that was perhaps more obnoxious, more reviled, more retarded and more wrongheaded but totally of their time and perhaps more commercially savvy than any other.

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