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Santa vs. Satan

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REPOST: Another one we get requests for, believe it or not.

Santa Claus is an embodiment for Satan.  Have you noticed he is all about Desires?  Give up the desires of the flesh and repent of your sins!  Ha, ha, not really … I got that off a religious website.  What are these dudes smokin’?

Santa is not Satan – in fact, he’s the anti-Satan.  I know, because I saw this movie on TV once, Santa Claus, and it was made in Mexico.   Lucifer was pissed at Santa for some reason so he sent his emissary, Pitch … look at the clip below, that’s Pitch doing an interpretive Evil ballet.  He and those other devils dancing around, they look kind of … ah, flaming.  There were no masked wrestlers around to foil Lucifer’s Evil plan, so Santa had to do it.

Anyhow.  The thing is, even at a time like Christmas when we’re supposed to love or like (or pretend to like) each other, Satan’s in there doing his Evil work.  Always one to piss on a parade, Satan wants to ruin Christmas for everyone because he’s just so Evil.  Santa does his best, but he needs your help in stopping Satan’s mischief this year.  You gotta know where to look for Satan, because he’s a master of disguise.

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Review: Masters of Metal, Houston

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It was a beautifully metal moment: at the same moment guitar god Tony Iommi begins his bone-chilling solo in the song “Time Machine,” a bolt of lightning slashes across the sky above the Cynthia Woods Mitchell Pavilion.  The Masters of Metal tour rolled through Houston Saturday night (Aug. 23) and despite this impromptu effect, most of the pyrotechnics were on the stage.

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Review: “Nostradamus,” Judas Priest

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It sounds like a perfect concept for a heavy metal band: the story of 16th century seer Nostradamus, who supposedly predicted events hundreds of years in the future.  Judas Priest, the seminal British heavy metal rockers, chose this as the concept for their 16th album.  And the result is Nostradamus, a bloated 2-CD affair that would probably been better suited for the likes of Spinal Tap.  With more than 100 minutes of music here, you get a heavy metal opera that could have been at least half as long.  The real songs are spaced out by frequent one- to two-minute Wagnerian string interludes that are as silly as they are unnecessary.  When you get to the meat of the album, you find only fair-to-middling metal: “Pestilence and Plague,” the ominous “War” and the title track are highlights.  Vocalist Rob Halford only occasionally gets to bring out his trademark metal falsetto, and there simply isn’t enough guitar work from the Glenn Tipton/K.K. Downing duo.  What JP fans want to know is: does it rock?  Sure, in places – but you have to wade though a ton of operatic drivel to get to the rockers.  Nostradamus may have been all-seeing but he probably didn’t foresee this holocaust. 

MP3: “Pestilence and Plague”

Judas Priest official website