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Your Sister’s (Record) Rack: Steve Miller Band

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Sometimes when I go through my sister’s records I honestly cannot understand why she bought (or traded for) some albums.  Maybe I’m not giving her enough credit … or maybe she got them by accident.  Like the one I got from her room today: Rock Love, by the Steve Miller Band.  This one is pretty good!

This one came out in 1971, a year before Steve hit the pop charts with “The Joker.”  Miller and his band had been around since 1965, when they came out of San Francisco with a pretty generic blues-rock sound.  The Steve Miller Band’s first album Children of the Future (1968) came out on Capitol Records, but they actually first appeared on record in 1967, backing Chuck Berry for his Live at the Fillmore LP.

Miller was actually making progress up the stairway of success – Your Saving Grace and Number 5, albums from 1969-70, were moderate hits and songs like “Space Cowboy” and “Living In The USA” were getting radio airplay.  But in 1971 Miller got into a car accident and broke his neck.  During his long recuperation Capitol released Rock Love, an album of live and outtake material.

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DVD Review: “Live in Concert,” Journey

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Let me just start out by saying Journey guitarist Neal Schon absolutely kicks ass. This guy has never received his just-do. He has some of the best solos in rock history, yet you never hear him mentioned with the greats. Now that I’ve got that out of the way, on to Live in Concert.

This DVD comes with the new CD, Revelation, and features new singer Arnel Pineda belting out hits like “Don’t Stop Believin’,” “Faithfully,” “Lights,” “Wheel in the Sky,” and “Be Good to Yourself” along with two excellent new songs “Never Walk Away,” and “After All These Years.”

Now when a mega-band like Journey gets a new singer the new versions of the songs usually pale in comparison to the originals. However, that’s not the case here. Pineda is just as good, if not better, than Steve Perry and I think Perry was one of the great rock singers of his generation.

Pineda sings these very complex songs with relative ease, he has incredible stage presence and you can tell the rest of the guys in the band are really energized by him. Drummer Deen Castronovo is not only excellent behind the kit, but he also lends his lead vocals to a blistering version of “Mother, Father.” Keyboardist Jonathan Cain is solid as always and bassist Ross Valory looks like actor/comedian Denis Leary’s dad. Keep in mind, Leary is 50.

This DVD shows a band that has been re-energized by a hot new singer after more than 30 years on the road. It was well worth the $10.72 I paid for it….only at Walmart and Sam’s Club. Don’t Stop Believin’.

YouTube: Don’t Stop Believin’ (w/Arnel Pineda)

Journey Official Website