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Bad Career Moves, Part 1

Posted in Rock Rant with tags , , , , , on July 23, 2009 by 30daysout

Bee Gees

It’s no secret that rock stars aren’t the best businessmen (and women) in the world.   The very few rock stars who have also “made it” in the world of business are not those you would have expected – Jimmy Buffett, for example, has managed to parlay his business ventures (Margaritaville restaurants, deals with satellite radio and clothing) into an $80 million a year fortune.  You know about Kiss’ Gene Simmons and all of his varied business deals, which earn a mint.  And there are many young people today who think Jerry Garcia is just some guy who designs ties.

But despite their business sense (or lack of it) almost all of  the biggest rock gods and goddesses have made stupid decisions when it comes to choosing projects for themselves – the longer the career, the more time one has to make a fool of him or herself at least once.   Bruce Springsteen and U2, for example, just this year put out mediocre albums but nothing truly embarrassing (some may argue that point over Bruce’s “Outlaw Pete,” but whatever).  So over the next few days we’ll look at a few of the truly mortifying what-the-hell-was-he (she)-thinking moments from rock history:

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