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30 Days Out Exclusive Interview: Bobby Kimball (Toto)

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If you listened to the radio in the 1980s – if you even had ears – you heard the music and the musicianship of Toto.  Even if you didn’t know it.  This group, formed in 1977, virtually defined pop music in the 1980s and enjoyed incredible commercial success.  Their songs, including “Hold The Line,” “Rosanna,” “Africa,” “I’ll Supply The Love” and too many others to mention, ruled radio.  And their fourth album, Toto IV, sold millions and earned an armload of Grammy Awards.

This was a group of savvy studio professionals – not only did they shine on everything they recorded as Toto, the band’s members also had a hand in some of the era’s biggest recordings: David Paich masterminded Boz Scaggs’ Silk Degrees, drummer Jeff Porcaro recorded and toured with Steely Dan; and so on. 

Lead singer Bobby Kimball, from the swamps of East Texas and South Louisiana, anchored this exciting sound as Toto’s lead singer.  He was a founding member of the group then left in 1984 after the massive success of Toto IV.  He rejoined the group in 1998 and fronted the band until they finally called it quits earlier this year.  One of the great voices of rock music, Kimball describes what it was like to be one of the biggest bands of the 20th century, and what led up to its dissolution after three decades and 30 million records sold.

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Review: “Ever Changing Times,” Steve Lukather

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Steve Lukather is the immensely talented guitarist and vocalist for the band TOTO (I can see the “who farted?” look now). Technically and sonically he is one of the best in the business and he’s also a pretty talented songwriter, penning a couple of the band’s biggest hits, “I Won’t Hold You Back,” and “I’ll Be over You.” He brings the rock, the funk, the ballad and Jesus to his latest solo effort, Ever Changing Times.


Luke brings out the heavy artillery on the title track, and “New World,” gets funky and religious on “Jammin’ with Jesus,” channels Steely Dan on “Icebound” and the “Hey Nineteen”-infected, “Stab in the Back,” gets together with former TOTO keyboardist Steve Porcaro on the excellent instrumental “The Truth,” and does the ballad thing on the catchy “Tell Me What You Want from Me” and “I Am.”


This collection rocks harder, and is a bit more melodic than recent TOTO studio efforts, and I highly recommend it.  After a couple of months of haggling, you can now download it on iTunes and it should be available in most stores June 3. Good news for all you Lukather fans who were thinking you were going to have pay in excess of $25 for the import. Patience is a virtue.



MP3: Jammin’ with Jesus


YouTube: Ever Changing Times


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