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Video Du Jour: Scott Weiland

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A lot of people are diggin’ Scott Weiland’s new Christmas album, The Most Wonderful Time of Year, while many others are just saying “WTF?” Weiland has put out a video of one song, “Winter Wonderland” where he sports a Hitler Youth haircut (really, that’s what it’s called) and generally acts kind of tranquilized for about two and a half minutes.

For those who thought Bob Dylan’s Christmas album and video two years ago was weird, you’ll dig this …

Review: Rockin’ into the weekend!

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Goin’ into the weekend with some new albums to play on the patio …

Stone Temple Pilots reformed earlier this year to perform at SXSW, so a few months later their new, eponymous album is on the shelves, and it’s a good one.  This band sounds better than ever, particularly on those mid-tempo rockers they do so well.  “Take A Load Off” and “Dare If You Dare” fit into this mold, but there’s always a gut-crunching riff around the corner: “Hazy Daze” is almost stoner rock, while “Bagman” slyly evokes the old “Batman” TV show theme song.  And opener “Between The Lines” could be Pearl Jam, if you squint your ears (don’t ask).  Stone Temple Pilots!  It ain’t the ’90s, but I like it!

MP3: “Between The Lines” by Stone Temple Pilots

Stream the whole album at

It ain’t so easy with Love Is Strange, a live 2-CD collection from Jackson Browne and his longtime sideman David Lindley.  On one listen, I like the mostly acoustic settings, the introductions done in Spanish (this was recorded during a tour of Spain) and the obtuse humor of Lindley.  On another listen, I’m put off by the overly reverent treatment of a few of the songs, and the overly bloated feel of the album (do we really need an acoustic-fiddle version of “Take It Easy”?).  To his credit, Browne shares the stage also with some talented Spanish artists like Luz Casal, who takes over lead vocals on Browne’s classic “These Days” and Kiko Veneno, who puts his stamp on what Browne introduces as “a very famous Eagles song.”  In the end, I’m drawn to the spare, affecting versions of “For Everyman” and “Running On Empty,” both powered by Lindley’s incredible guitar work.  Browne/Lindsey kick into their cover of the Mickey & Sylvia classic “Love Is Strange” and I shouldn’t have been surprised how it ended.  I shouldn’t have enjoyed this album, but I did – immensely.

MP3: “Tu Tranquilo” by Jackson Browne & David Lindley with Kiko Veneno

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