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Review: “Here We Stand,” The Fratellis

Posted in Review with tags , on June 4, 2008 by 30daysout

Here We Stand, the new one from Glasgow pub rockers The Fratellis, is better than one would expect from a sophomore effort.  These guys burst onto the scene last year with a combination of energy and attitude that was truly infectious.  There’s certainly more of that here, but this time it’s mixed with a healthy dollop of British Invasion influences that suggests the Hollies playing the Who’s guitars in Ray Davies’ garage.  In fact, the Fratellis’ vocal harmonies so closely resemble the Hollies that many of the songs induce a double take on first listen.  And perhaps that’s a bit of a negative, too: at times, the tunes maybe dip a little too deep into the bag of ’60s influences and after a while you start to crave the real thing.  Although “Shameless” and “Look Out Sunshine” sport hooks aplenty, they don’t approach the songcraft and hummability of the Hollies’ “Bus Stop” or “On A Carousel.”  But The Fratellis keep the rockers coming fast and furious, and the energy level rarely flags.   This a perfect CD to take to the beach this summer. 

MP3: “Look Out Sunshine”

MP3: “Shameless”

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