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Video Alert! – “The Wrestler” – Bruce Springsteen

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Here is the official video for “The Wrestler.”

Springsteen wins Golden Globe for “The Wrestler”

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Bruce Springsteen took home a Golden Globe for Best Original Song – Motion Picture last night for his tune “The Wrestler” from the movie of the same name. Mickey Rourke (who had the best acceptance speech of the night) won the Best Performance by an Actor in a Drama award for the movie. Check out Springsteen’s acceptance speech and try and ignore the morons who taped it off the TV.

Bruce Springsteen Official Website

“The Wrestler” Official Website

Friday is Boss’ Day: The First Four Singles

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It’s quite unusual to release four singles more than a month before an album is released, but in this day and age of “no radio airplay,” Bruce Springsteen is evidently going to do whatever it takes to get his music to the masses.

A few days after NBC Sports played a lame clip of highlights over “Working On A Dream,” we were able to download it free (for a day) on iTunes.  I really like this tune.  While it doesn’t rock like anything on Magic, it has a great melody and uplifting message.  It reminds me of when he went from a rocking album (Born In the USA) to the acoustic/melody driven single “Brilliant Disguise” on his next studio album (Tunnel of Love).

Next up is “My Lucky Day,” which came a few days after Thanksgiving.  The song rocks like the newsmyluckyday stuff on Magic, has a great hook, but sounds more like it would have been the B-side of “Working” if 45s were still on the market, instead of the second single.

The third single is “The Wrestler.”  This one is clearly the best of the bunch.  The string instrumental at the beginning sets the mood for a dark ride.  It has the feel of “Dead Man Walking,” but it has a much better melody, better instrumentation and a much cooler ending.

The fourth single, “Life Itself,” sounds like it could have been on lifeitselfTunnel of Love.  It reminds me of a song you would listen to alone with the top down while traveling on the lonely roads of West Texas.  The guitar solo is also something you don’t normally hear on a Springsteen tune.

Any chance he’ll release the entire album before it’s supposed to come out?  We can only hope.

On another note:

Many Springsteen bloggers have been bitching about the upcoming greatest hits package being newsbsesbgh1available only at Wal-Mart.  Like I said earlier, with little or no radio airplay, Springsteen has to do whatever he can these days to sell CDs. Wal-Mart worked beautifully for the Eagles, Journey, and AC/DC, so why shouldn’t he follow their lead?  They’ll probably sell the disc for under $10 and thousands of people who had never heard his music before will pick up the disc after seeing him at halftime of the Super Bowl (Big Game, sorry).  From a marketing standpoint, it’s a genius move. How many times have you been in Wal-Mart and said “hey, I’ll pick that up for 10?”

I’ll bet Guns and Roses and The Police wish they had chosen Wal-Mart over Best Buy to sell their latest projects.

Springsteen nominated for Golden Globe

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The Golden Globe nominations came out this morning, and Bruce Springsteen was nominated in the Best Original Song category for “The Wrestler” from the movie of the same name. Check out the rest of the story at Billboard.

Friday is Boss’ Day: Bruce at the Movies

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Springsteen’s music has appeared in a number of films (No Looking Back by Edward Burns has a ton of them), but he’s only written five tunes for specific movies; “Streets of Philadelphia” (Philadelphia), “Missing” (The Crossing Guard), “Lift Me Up” (Limbo), “Dead Man Walkin'” (Dead Man Walking) and “The Wrestler,” a song he penned for an upcoming Darren Aronofsky movie with the same name that will appear over the end credits.

I always liked the Springsteen movie cuts because they always came at a time when he was between albums and you were looking for anything from him. The songs were usually experimental, meaning they wouldn’t really fit on any album, thematically or musically. “Missing” was Shaft-esque, “Lift Me Up” was sung completely falsetto, and “Streets” had the ’90s hip-hop drum beat. The only one you could have made a case for is “Dead Man Walkin’,” which could have fit nicely on The Ghost of Tom Joad (maybe instead of “Galveston Bay”).

MP3: “Streets of Philadelphia

MP3: “Missing

MP3: “Lift Me Up

MP3: “Dead Man Walkin’