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Review: “The Last Post,” Carbon/Silicon

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Mick Jones, guitarist from The Clash, is a punk-rock legend and a member of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, and that’s pretty much all you need to know when plunging in to The Last Post, Jones’ new album with former Generation X guitarist Tony James.  Jones was responsible for many of the Clash’s best and most melodic songs, and his songwriting skill is evident in riff-fests like “The News” and “The Whole Truth.”  Many of the lyrics are vaguely political but way more laid-back than Jones’ other punk band.  But many of these songs — “The News,” “Why Do Men Fight?” and “Really The Blues,” particularly — get into your brain and won’t get out.  The album’s centerpiece, “What The F***,” appropriates the riff from “Clash City Rockers” to let you know what Dostoyevsky used to say — it works as either a so-what shrug or an in-your-face challenge.  These grandfathers of punk are probably real grandfathers now, but there’s no power lost in the straight-ahead rock of The Last Post.  Crank it up.

MP3: What The F***

Carbon/Silicon official website

Notes from SXSW 2008 Part 1

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Finally finished soaking the tired feet after SXSW 2008, it was another fine few days in Austin.  You usually wind up standing around about 35 minutes for every five minutes of music, but it’s worth it if you made your choice wisely. One of those good choices was Carbon/Silicon, the post-punk guitar band featuring Mick Jones (The Clash) and Tony James (Generation X).  I’m happy to report, this is closer to Clash than to Big Audio Dynamite – crashing guitars ripping through riff-fests like “The News” and “Soylent Green.”  The boys slashed through five songs for Minnesota Public Radio, then showed up at Waterloo Records the next day for more.  We’d heard rumors that maybe Steve Jones (Sex Pistols) may show up at Waterloo to jam with his old West London mates, but no luck.  Still … catch Carbon/Silicon if you can – they’re the real thing.   You may want to check out Minnesota Public Radio’s live broadcast site at The Current .

Carbon/Silicon official website