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Video Du Jour: Johnny Winter

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Let’s end the week with a little blues from our homie Johnny Winter. This 1970 video from Danish TV captures Johnny at one of his peaks – and he’s accompanied by Uncle John Turner (of Port Arthur, Texas) on drums and Tommy Shannon (later of Double Trouble) on bass.

We’re going to take a long weekend off, so have a good one and catch ya next Tuesday or so!

Johnny Winter official web site

From Texas to Woodstock

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Johnny Winter

When I worked at a small Southeast Texas daily newspaper, we used to try to find “local” angles in pretty much everything in order to have something special for the readers.  Once I thought about writing a column for the 10th anniversary of Woodstock (that would be in 1979) about all of the people from the Golden Triangle area of Texas (Beaumont-Port Arthur-Orange) who played at Woodstock.  It was a pretty lame idea back then to put into print, but today this is the internet — and it’s the 40th anniversary of Woodstock, so why not?

Ahem.  You know about Janis Joplin, I suppose.  Born in Port Arthur, Texas, attended high school there, left for Austin then San Francisco and hit it big with Big Brother and the Holding Company.  But when she played Woodstock she’d already left that band – she had the Kozmic Blues Band playing behind her (which unfortunately didn’t include her Big Brother guitarist Sam Andrew).  Joplin is a legend and you know her place in history – in a week or so we’ll tell another story about her.

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