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Review: “Voices: WWE The Music, Vol. 9”

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Editors’ note: Wrestlemania 25 is coming up this weekend in Houston’s Reliant Stadium, and beginning today the Bayou City comes alive with related activities rivaling Super Bowl week.  Eh, not really.  But we want to mark the occasion (as well as April Fool’s Day) with this review of the latest WWE music album, written by high school freshman and wrestling expert John Angelle.

The songs on every WWE The Music release fit under three basic archetypes: the ridiculous novelty songs used by wrestlers who are not so much wrestlers as they are comic relief; the provocative songs used by the WWE Divas; and the rock songs only the most badass wrestlers use for their entrances into the ring.

Although Voices: WWE The Music Vol. 9 is split evenly between these, the last category is the only real reason to own it.  The title track, Rev Theory frontman Rich Luzzi’s “Voices,” is easily the best this album has to offer, while “Priceless” and “If You Rock Like Me” are close behind.

(For casual fans) those alone are not enough reason to shell out ten bucks.  If you are a WWE fan who has been searching for these hard-to-find songs, check out this album, but otherwise don’t waste your time.

MP3: “Voices”  by Rich Luzzi (Randy Orton entrance)

MP3: “If You Rock Like Me” by Jet Black Stare (Smackdown theme)

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AC/DC To Rock Wrestlemania 25

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During a recent appearance at the 36th Annual Global Media and Communications Conference, Linda McMahon announced that rock and roll icons AC/DC will be performing the theme to Wrestlemania XXV at the show in Houston, Texas.  The event is slated for April 5 in Houston’s Reliant Stadium.

Vince McMahon is said to be a huge fan of AC/DC, getting his first exposure to the band back in 2000 when they were performing on “Saturday Night Live” the night Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson hosted the show for the first time.

No word yet on what the official song for the event will be.  Nevertheless, my son the wrestling fan said the AC/DC performance should be “epic.”  Thanks, John.

UPDATE: After this story appeared, a spokesman for AC/DC said the band will NOT appear at Wrestlemania 25.  AC/DC will be on tour in Europe at the time of the Wrestlemania event.  However, Academy Award-nominated actor Mickey Rourke (The Wrestler) WILL appear, but nobody knows what he will do. 

AC/DC official website

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