Springsteen set list “wish list”

Everytime Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band hit the road I put together a wish list of songs I would love to hear them play.  Songs that I love that rarely see the light of day like “Restless Nights,” “Fade Away,” “Streets of Fire,” “The Promise,” “Lonely Night in the Park,” etc. Now if you’re a diehard fan, you of course want to hear them play a good chunk of the new album, Wrecking Ball, but here’s hoping they break out some of these gems on the nearly year-long trek across the globe.

Restless Nights/The Price You Pay/Stolen Car (Bruce, Roy, Charlie)/Drive All Night/Lonely Night in the Park/The Promise/Gotta Get that Feeling/Racing in the Street (’78)/Streets of Fire/Many Rivers to Cross/Prove It All Night (’78 version)/You’ll Be Coming Down/Local Hero/Real World (solo piano)/I Wish I Were Blind/Dream Baby Dream (solo organ)/Don’t Look Back/My Lucky Day/30 Days Out/All the Way Home/Lucky Town/Valentine’s Day (solo piano)/Downbound Train/Nebraska/State Trooper (full band)/Back in Your Arms/Your Own Worst Enemy/Save My Love/Rendezvous/The Brokenhearted/Nothing Man/Paradise/My City of Ruins/I’m A Rocker/Fade Away/Secret Garden/Dollhouse/Thundercrack/My Love Will Not Let You Down/Frankie/Trouble River/Blood Brothers/Mona w/She’s the One/Backstreets w/Sad Eyes/When the Saints Go Marching In/Fire (acoustic)/Roll of the Dice

Bruce Springsteen official website

Backstreets magazine

Bruce Springsteen News on Facebook

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