Review: “Let It Roll,” George Harrison


Imagine this: you’re in a band, a really popular one, and you want to write and sing your own songs.  Problem is, your band also has two of the greatest singers and songwriters in rock history.  Even though he was faced with that dilemma, George Harrison managed to come off pretty well while in the Beatles.  Some of his songs – “While My Guitar Gently Weeps,” “Here Comes The Sun,” “Taxman” and of course “Something” – are Beatles classics deserving of honor alongside the work of the brilliant Lennon-McCartney team.

Let It Roll, a new greatest-hits collection, spotlights certain parts of the quiet Beatle’s solo career but really doesn’t span his entire post-Beatle timeline, as advertised.   Instead, this 19-track compilation mixes the obvious hits with some odd choices, resulting in an album that might satisfy casual fans but nobody else.  Post-Beatles, Harrison’s music was spotty at best but he was able to pull off a brilliant moment now and then – some of those are highlighted here: “Got My Mind Set On You,” the No. 1 hit from 1988, “All Things Must Pass” from George’s epic first solo album and “This Is Love” from Cloud Nine,  a single whose B-side was “Handle With Care” from the Traveling Wilburys – why isn’t that here?  Nothing from Thirty Three and 1/3,  no “Dark Horse,” no “Dream Away” (that cool song from the movie Time Bandits), which makes this kind of disappointing.

Maybe Harrison’s widow and family are planning a Let It Roll Volume 2; it’s obvious, though, that this first pass at a “career-spanning greatest hits” should have at least been a 2-CD set.  The stuff that is here sounds gorgeous, though, and including three of George’s greatest Beatle hits as live cuts from The Concert For Bangladesh is a good idea.  But let’s face it: George Harrison was a major artist even after the Beatles, and he deserves a better retrospective than this.

MP3: “This Is Love”

George Harrison official website

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