Motown 50th anniversary: Grab Bag


It’s still Motown’s 50th anniversary year, and although the celebration has been subdued quite a bit by the death of Michael Jackson, we still want to commemorate the great artists who have recorded for this Great American record label over the years.  So, here’s a grab bag of some of Motown’s best artists.

MP3: “Come And Get These Memories” by Martha Reeves & the Vandellas

MP3: “Your Love Can Save Me” by the Marvelettes

MP3: “I Found That Girl” by the Jackson Five

MP3:  “Baby Don’t You Go” by Smokey Robinson & the Miracles

MP3: “Still Water (Love)” by the Four Tops

MP3: “Lonely Lover” by Marvin Gaye

MP3: “Run, Run, Run” by the Supremes

MP3: “I’ll Be There” by the Jackson Five

Motown 50th anniversary official website

2 Responses to “Motown 50th anniversary: Grab Bag”

  1. Steve Weaver Says:

    Yep, you have neglected The Supremes – but to be more precise, the 70’s Supremes. Jean Terrell gave the group another 6 million sellers yet she, Lynda, Scherrie & Susaye are one again lost ‘in the mix’ and I for one get really p*ssed off that their efforts and excellent releases for the company all all but ignored. Just in case you’ve forgotten, I’m referring to Up The Ladder To The Roof, Stoned Love, Nathan Jones, Floy Joy, Automatically Sunshine, River Deep – Mountain High. All Supreme and MUST NOT be forgotten. For my money, Terrell was/is a more versatile vocalist than LaRoss. At times I feel her nasal-y singing can be irritating but none the less, she’s a great performer and if it wasn’t for her the Supremes wouldn’t have been so Supreme…

  2. 30daysout Says:

    Hmm. Thanks, Steve, for pointing that out. Let’s see what we can do to rectify this situation …

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