I Scream, We All Scream


While we were in New York City the other day everyone was talking about this new record, “Favorite Recorded Scream,” with 74 brief clips of rock and roll screams, yells, howls and other noises from songs by the Who, the Stooges, the Pixies, Slayer, Bjork and many others.

New York City artist LeRoy Stevens came hatched the idea after hearing “A Change Is Going to Come” by the 1960s soul singer Baby Huey, a song that climaxes in a series of screeches.  So he went to Manhattan record shop clerks and asked them to choose their favorite song scream and to tell him why.  He mashed them up together into a single and then included all of the individual clips and put it on a vinyl LP, retailing for 15 bucks in your finer record shops in NYC and online.

New York Times story on “Favorite Recorded Scream”

Listen to a clip of “Favorite Recorded Scream (Track 1)”

One Response to “I Scream, We All Scream”

  1. I love this and its entire concept as well as execution: my only critique, while there are many other remarkable screams I might have loved to hear included, I feel not having at least one from Janis Joplin is a loss as she let out the most heartbreakingly expressive screams of all time.

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