Backyard Fireball: It’s BBQ Time!

The weather’s getting warmer and it’s about time to fire up the grill.  Soon you’ll be getting that whiff of charcoal (and charcoal lighter), and your stomach will say, “Ribs, sausage, brisket, chicken, please!” 

Ah, barbecue.  Barbecue is more than just tossing some wieners on a fire.  It’s smoking a succulent side of beef, making sure those pork ribs are just right, and poking a fork in a chicken thigh to make sure the juices run clear.  It’s real cookin’!

It’s also potato salad, watermelon, beans in barbecue sauce, potato chips, Big Red soft drinks and lots of cold, cold beer. And some great music on the patio: here’s a little starter sample.

MP3: Peace, Love And BBQ by Marcia Ball

MP3: Queen Bee BBQ ad No. 1 by Billy Gibbons

MP3: Hot Dog (Watch Me Eat) by the Detroit Cobras

MP3: Barbecue And Drink A Few by Travis Matte and the Zydeco Kingpins

MP3: Queen Bee BBQ ad No. 2

MP3: Hot Barbecue by Brother Jack McDuff

MP3: Rib Tips by Andre Williams

MP3: Queen Bee BBQ ad No. 3

MP3: Bar-B-Q by ZZ Top



One Response to “Backyard Fireball: It’s BBQ Time!”

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